Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

I am the eldest of five and none of us live near each other or our parents.

There is no particular reason for this diaspora – we have just settled miles from each other because of careers which continue to hamper our efforts to live closer together. For example my sister is a radiographer and her husband is a wine vintner which means they can only live where there is a large hospital AND a wine growing district in an English speaking country. Worldwide, that gives them about four places to choose from. Where they live my husband and I would be unable to find work and vice versa.

Living miles away from family means you tend to rely on friends more. But there are some things for which it only seems right to ask family.

For me, egg donation is one of those things.  But up until now none of my three sisters have offered ….until tonight when one rang me with her offer.

You could have blown me down with a feather (chicken, egg, feather – get the pun???).  I have been waiting and hoping for this for so long, feeling hurt by their silence, even though I have been blessed with offers from three gorgeous friends.

Breaching this topic means one of the aforementioned elephants in the room has quietly left. I can now talk openly with my sister without wondering why she hasn’t offered.

I will sleep better than I have for months…


Comments on: "One of the elephants has gone…" (1)

  1. Oh love.. fantastic news.

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