Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

What would you spend $15,500 on?  A round-the-world trip?  A new set of boobs?  A landscaped garden or a new bathroom?

How about gambling it? If you knew there was a 60% chance that you would get it all back, would you spend it all at the casino?

My husband and I are going to spend $15,500 on trying to make a baby with my sister’s egg. There is a 60% chance it will work.

It might not sound like a lot of money but it is – especially as there’s a 40% chance we won’t have anything to show for it at the end.

The cost really rankles me. Why should we have to pay when everyone in the fertile world gets to do it for free?

It makes me feel bad to even put a price on my potential baby’s life but I guess I’m at the stage where I’m so detached that I’m viewing it as a business transaction, and the odds for this investment don’t stack up.  I just don’t believe it will work so it feels like it’s money down the gurgler.

On the other hand, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to try for a baby in this way. Hopefully I’ll be proved wrong and it will actually work – how incredible would that be?  Then every last cent of this investment will have been worth it and the fruits of our future happiness boundless…


Comments on: "Your money or your child?" (6)

  1. That’s wonderful news! I know it’s a lot of money – and a big risk with that money. But if it works you won’t ever regret it. And even if it doesn’t work you might still regret not trying it. So I say go for it! Are there any local resources you can appeal to for help? Or are you going to try to do some fundraising to help with the costs?


    Darling -have a read of this. I think you will relate.
    Catch up soon? xxx

    • Dearest Zazza
      Thank you for the link to Gina’s comment – it is hilarious and enlightening.
      I will be in touch tomorrow or next day to arrange get together next week – can’t wait to see you

  3. hi there,

    i just wanted to say well done with this blog. as one POFer to another, i want to wish you all the luck in the world with the egg donation. i am about to start down that route myself and i understand every feeling that you express. sadly, i have no sisters or even female cousins. it’s an anon donor or nothing for me. i am holding my breath waiting to find out how long we will have to wait for a donor.

    anyway, the very best of british to you.


    • Hi Vic

      Thanks for your feedback on my blog. It’s good to share this type of stuff online with others in the same boat.

      Sorry to hear you don’t have any relations for egg donation but I think an egg from an anonymous donor would be just as good as who knows what you will get? Your resulting son or daughter may be a math genius, a fantastic cook or a model with legs up their armpits! The possibilities are endless and exciting.

      I think genes are one part of what makes up a child but the whole ‘nuture’ side is what really shapes a child and this is what you would be doing as a parent.

      Where are you based? Could you advertise for a donor or do you have to wait on a list and if so how long is it estimated to be?

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