Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

If you want to get into a seriously fast moving market; try secondhand baby gear. That stuff is hot.  My snipes on ebay kept getting sniped by other people – that’s never happened with anything else I’ve bought.

Cots and car seats are particularly hard to lay your hands on. They start off at an innocent $25 but then soar in the final 15 seconds to somewhere in the region of $135 – 150.

My lovely hairdresser came to the rescue during a haircut when I was sniped for the third time on a cot; she offered me her toddler’s cot and and changing table. Plus the car seat is coming from the council and the pram was a bargain at $10 – at least that snipe worked.

I’m stocking up as my baby niece is coming to stay for three weeks from New Zealand, with her mum; my sister, who is going to donate some eggs to my husband and me.

It’s been in the planning for some months now but the next week my sister, her fiance and daughter will actually be arriving and we will begin treatment to try to beget us a baby.

My husband and I have been so cool about it for all this time. We have been calling it our science experiment and saying that it won’t matter if it doesn’t work as we have other plans. But all of the sudden, today I am getting the jitters. What if it works??

It’s just before bed and I am now going to have a large medicinal glass of whiskey. I will savour it as I may not be allowed one in a few weeks if our experiment works…


Comments on: "Cots and car seats – a few of my favourite things" (3)

  1. I started reading this and wondered if I’d missed an announcement.

    Your sister is doing an amazing thing, I really hope that it works for you.

    • Thank you. I’ve just caught up with your blog too – best of best luck with your own cycle.

      You start yours on the 8 Feb I think and my sis starts hers/ours on 5 Feb so we’ll be tracking around the same time although if the treatment is different the timeline may be different?

      I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you as well as me anyway…

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