Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

Organised for life

I’ve just been reading Womb for Improvement’s (WfI) blog. She is also about to begin an IVF cycle which is very exciting news.

I’m very impressed as WfI seems very organised. She already has the drugs she needs for her cycle beginning on 8 Feb. Her doctor must also be very organised.

By comparison our/my doctor forgot my sister would be arriving for her inter-country inter-body baby-conception trial next week and booked himself on an overseas holiday. Luckily my sis is arriving on the evening before he leaves, so we will drive straight from the airport to the hospital so we can have our night time consultation with him.

We also have no idea what kind of cycle she will be on. Plus we need to have ICSI at the time of fertilisation to make doubly sure my husband’s sperm can permeate the walls of my sister’s ovums. We haven’t talked about any of this so far. Thus I am feeling a little disorganised.

Another sister of ours concluded an IVF cycle in New Zealand with an embryo implanted just yesterday. She is also very organised and wanted to know what type of treatment sister 1 and I would be embarking on. I was embarrassed to say I didn’t have a clue. By the way, keep your fingers crossed for my sister.

Plus our police check certificates still haven’t arrived (yes, in Victoria Australia, we have to prove that we are not paedofiles before we are allowed IVF.)

Honestly, I feel like instead of planning with military precision for what may be the making of our baby; my doctor and my husband and I are approaching this with the carelessness and casualness of a weekend break away somewhere.

But in a way I quite like it like this as it doesn’t make the situation seem as serious.


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