Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

I am woman; hear me borg

They say the eldest siblings get the best genes due to the youth of the parents. It’s most likely rubbish and definitely not true in my case.

I am the eldest of five but given the modifications I have had, you would not think I had the best genes.

Firstly, I was born with such a big ‘outtie’ belly button that I had to have surgery at two. Goodness knows how big it was but it must have been substantial to warrant an op. Plus I share the same deafness in one ear as my aunt.

I have also had: braces on my teeth (they weren’t just a little wonky; I had fangs and an overbite so big it could have offered shelter in a rainstorm; roaccutane for acne; glasses then lenses then laser surgery for short-sightedness; bilateral bunion surgery; and chronic asthma which is completely controlled with meds so no worries there.¬† Also my ovaries decided to go to sleep earlier than expected in my mid thirties.

Now I am trying to conceive a baby in a most unconventional way; by IVF with eggs donated me by my sister who is travelling from New Zealand to Australia tomorrow.

She is younger than me and by comparison is the picture of genetic perfection: She is the only one with straight teeth in the family; has perfect eyesight; beautiful skin with a smattering of freckles which has made her a boy magnet since age 15; no asthma or allergies; great feet and apparently an egg reserve which puts her in the 90th centile for her age group (34).

How great is that? I feel so lucky to be getting the chance to procreate with such fabulous genes.

It makes me feel quite borg-like.


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