Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

Disorganised for life

Well today is Day 1 for my sister and I which is great. But we had to go through a gauntlet of thumb twiddling, head scratching and chaotica to get to where we are.

We arrived half an hour late for our 8:45am appointment due to rush hour traffic this morning. Luckily our doctor would still see us and spoke to my sister and her partner about the treatment she was about to undergo and risks etc. Even more luckily, my sis still agreed to go through with it after the chat. I must admit I’ve been holding my breath that she still may change her mind at the last minute. Not because she’s shown any doubt up until now but because I keep planning for all eventualities.

Doc said we could begin our IVF cycle today as our menstrual cycles are synced. In fact, he said, today was the last day we could begin it as our periods started four days ago. However when we saw the nurse later she said we would not be allowed to start as we have not had our final counselling sessions. Hmm that was a bit disconcerting to hear given that we had called twice to check when we should go off our HRT (me) and our contraceptive pill (sis) and that there had been a fair bit of overseas travel and booking of leave involved to get to this point. I said it would have to go ahead come hell or high water.

The doc was also meant to have signed some forms but had forgotten to before he went into theatre. This was after I had asked him if he had signed everything he needed to.  After much gnashing of teeth by the nurse when she heard he had not signed the form, she promised us another appointment with him at 3pm this afternoon.

Then we had to get some blood tests done which should have been done a month ago but which they hadn’t asked us for yet.

So then we went for a lovely picnic in the Botanic Gardens to celebrate my niece’s first birthday, celebrating as one should on one’s first birthday with champagne and cake.

Back at the hospital that afternoon we were still waiting to see doc at 4:30. My poor niece was by then beginning to lose her happy baby persona but all credit to her little self, hardly cried at all for having to spend half her first birth anniversary in a doc’s waiting room.

We finally got the waiver to begin treatment without full blood test results and counselling, plus the prescription for the drugs, at 5:35pm.

Yay! First injection (Gonal F) for sis was administered this evening and I am on oestradial to get my womb lining all nice and plump in hopeful readiness for an embryo in a few weeks’ time.


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