Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

Dreams of queens and greenery

I dreamed the other night I was the Queen’s daughter. My husband and I went to a party at her house which was beautiful, huge and ornate. Her drawing room was particularly gorgeous as it was actually a huge country cottage garden full of hollyhocks, trees, meadows and greenery.

I loved this dream. I have wondered if the symbolism in it is significant. I remember learning once that houses and vehicles in dreams, and the condition of them and what they contain, actually represent parts of yourself.  So for example if there is a delapidated staircase or crumbling walls then it could mean you coud be feeling disconnected emotionally.

My dream was full of greenery and things growing – perhaps it is my subconscious preparing itself to be pregnant?

Meanwhile, my sister’s second scan two days ago showed she has follicles ‘in the mid teens’. Those follicles seem to be multiplying! She says she is feeling absolutely fine. The only thing she is noticing is that she is feeling some pressure in her lower belly when she bends over.

Today (Saturday) we got a call giving us the time for her to take her trigger injection tonight, and the time on Monday morning for her to go in for her egg collection. My husband is scheduled for what we are calling his ’emissions trading scheme’ on the same morning, so his sperm and my sister’s eggs can get jiggy with it and hopefully make some little embryos in time for one to be transferred to me on Wednesday.


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