Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

Flowers for Zoe

I have just returned from the florist with a beautiful bunch of flowers for my sister. I bought them on behalf of my brother in law, who is miles away in New Zealand. He asked me to give them to my sister on this Valentine’s Day, the day on which she gave my husband and I 14 of her eggs.

I think it very fitting that the day of my sister’s egg collection be Valentine’s Day, today.

What a wonderful act of love she has carried out for us.

It was the first time she has ever had general anaesthetic so she was a bit nervous but very brave.

I waited for her in the reception of the day hospital, reading magazines and drinking tea. I felt guilty to be sitting back and relaxing while she was going through the ordeal of being put under and having her insides poked and prodded and retrieved.

Meanwhile, my husband was next door giving his contribution. We had wondered if I should go in with him while he produced it but then thought the nurses and medical staff might think us weird so decided against it. I think usually those rooms are the domain of men only, allegedly furnished with red leather couches and porn mags.

So we have a wonderful clutch of eggs – just over a baker’s dozen – with which to try to fertilise into embryos and then transfer to me.

We feel so lucky to have this chance – I can’t believe we have got this far.


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