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Hold on tight…

It says in this week’s TIME magazine that stress levels have not been shown to affect the success rate of embryo transfers.  This is great news for all transferees anxiously, nervously, fidgetly awaiting their blood test results.

But it also says that it has not been proven the same for maintaining a pregnancy, ie: that high levels of stress can sometimes adversely affect a pregnancy.

With this in mind I have frantically, earnestly, frenetically been trying to relax. Especially given the big bleed I had on Thursday which led me to believe I was losing my pregnancy (horrible, horrible).

Mercifully, the bleeding stopped on Thursday night. Not sure why – it could have been the extra progesterone pessary the doctor told me to put in straightaway, or it could have been that nature decided that five hours heavy bleeding was the total course it was going to take that day.

Thank God. Since then I have been trying to put my feet up and relax. But when you do that time just seems to drag. I have read all my magazines, exhausted Foxtel, read a book which I’m becoming a bit bored with, read my pregnancy books I got from the library and skyped a handful of folk I wanted to update with the latest news.

I’m not doing any yoga which is also driving me a bit crazy. I don’t want to do anything which might risk dislodging the little lovey I am trying to continue to cultivate and protect.

We are now on the countdown to Wednesday as that is the day of my six-week scan. Hopefully it will show a little heartbeat and a placental pole (I think that’s what it’s called?). I just hope like anything that I didn’t lose anything vital during my womb’s mid week purge.

Hold on tight little embryo.


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  1. Glad to hear you’re hanging in there! Stay strong…

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