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Tears. They just keep coming. There I was thinking I would be going back to work today.

Instead I rang my boss and bawled my eyes out in her ear, telling her that I had lost my pregnancy and that I couldn’t stop crying. She was so nice and told me to cry a river and gradually swim through it to get to the other side. And in the meantime not to go into work.

Then I called my counsellor and cried some more.

Last night I slept terribly and kept waking up with a racing heart. Then I cried and cried in my husband’s arms.

My eyelids look like little swollen mauve caterpillars.

I feel so sad for our poor lost pregnancy. I feel a black hole in my heart. Much the same as the cavity we saw in my womb at the scan, where our embryo had been.

Last year a friend of mine had two miscarriages. I sent her a link to the article below. Upon reading it again, I have found it comforting.

I hope you do too if you are reading this and are experiencing/have experienced the awful loss of miscarriage.

Secret Society – Pregnancies that don’t end well, By Mia Freedman, Aug 9, 2010, the


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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. You cry as much as you need to….

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