Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

Happy families

Our families are made up every which way these days. There are Brady-Bunch type combinations, single parent, gay parent, transgender parent etc. Kids are fostered, adopted, conceived out of wedlock, in wedlock, out of love, with IVF, with donor sperm and eggs (plus myriad other ways I’ve no doubt missed).

Nicole and Keith have copped it for referring to their surrogate as a gestational carrier and Elton and David have copped it because they are older and gay. Octomum copped it because she managed to have eight babies and seems to be making a living out of it (how come she doesn’t seem to have a job but still manages to afford plastic surgery? plus I can’t believe she has got her figure back after having EIGHT babies but maybe the tummy tuck helped!).

Anyway, onto more interesting stuff. I read a great article today by someone who talks about this plus talks about her and her husband’s experience donating their eggs and sperm – link is below.

The politics of making babies, by Sarah McKenzie, 29 Mar 2011,


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