Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

Today I want to focus on what my body does well rather than labouring over the failings of my hapless reproductive system.

So here is a little list:

  • my teeth – thanks to braces in my teens, my teeth are straight, white and I have no fillings
  • my hair – it is thick, shiny and a nice colour (brunette with a touch of auburn – hairdressers love it)
  • I can get into the lotus position and do a headstand for 5o seconds – care of three years of ashtanga yoga; I am stronger, more fit and flexible than ever
  • my eyebrows – are a nice shape and I never have to pluck them as they stopped growing years ago
  • my skin – I’ve escaped wrinkles fairly well so far
  • my bones – I have never had a fracture (touch wood!) and my limbs fingers and toes are all straight and true
  • my auto-immune system – I hardly ever get sick (touch wood again)
  • my digestive system – it never gives me trouble (still touching wood)

My body may not be good at reproducing but it’s great at a whole range of other stuff.

What about everyone else? I would love to hear what other people think are the best parts of their own bodies.


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