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I really hope that Wills and Kate can have babies. I was watching the Royal wedding on the telly on Friday night and it’s the first thing I thought of.

No doubt she had tests to check her FSH wasn’t too high, that her fallopian tubes weren’t blocked that she didn’t have endometriosis or any other condition which would prevent her from conceiving. Wills may have had tests too. If a potential problem had been discovered, would the wedding have been called off?

And even with those tests, there’s still a chance they could have unexplained infertility. I guess they would have a lot of money to throw at that problem. Or they would have first dibs at children available to adopt.

They may yet decide to be childless but that’s a highly unlikely choice given that being a Royal is a job, of which the top KPI is to procreate to carry on Royal strains in the Royal veins of wee Royal bairns.

Many a famous person has declared that they choose not to have children but would it be possible for a Royal to do that? I doubt it.

It is absolute rubbish being infertile if you are a regular Jo, but it would be so much more awful being infertile, Royal and in the spotlight.


Comments on: "Will Wills and Kate be fertile?" (2)

  1. Kate now has one job, to produce an heir, and adoption just wouldn’t cut it.

    Talk about pressure.

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