Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

I keep forgetting I could be pregnant following my embryo transfer five days ago. I have been lifting heavy things, stupidly ate a cold baked ricotta pudding on the day of my transfer (I forgot I should avoid this!), and have not been taking it easy at work.

Last time, on the day of the transfer, I went to bed for the day and rested. I didn’t lift any heavier than a jar of peanut butter, and adopted a lazy, ‘yeah, man whatever’ type of persona at work to avoid getting stressed.

I don’t know where my devil-may-care attitude is coming from. I desperately would love to be pregnant so why does it seem I am almost daring the pregnancy to go ahead?

Perhaps I want it to be strong this time, rather than the weak pregnancy that I eventually lost in miscarriage. I want to test it by doing things I would usually do (rather than wrapping myself in cotton wool), to ensure it is hardy and here to stay.

Has anyone else been like this following a transfer?


Comments on: "My nonchalance – will it work?" (2)

  1. Not yet. My last transfer I was like you last time (althoguh marmite rather than peanut butter).

    However this time I can’t seem to get myself to believe it will work so in a couple of weeks time I can see myself adopting a very similar attitude.

    Let’s see if either produce markedly better results!

    Best of luck.

    • Thanks – good to hear from you.

      Best of luck with your transfer too – hope all your prep leading up to it goes well.

      I wonder what women who have had six, seven and more transfers experience? Do they just feel numb or does it become an everyday occurrence like getting a blood test. Maybe they fit it in in between meetings at work??

      I would love to hear from anyone who may have got to this number of transfers to find out…(although hopefully there aren’t too many women out there who can tell me as hopefully most conceive before they get to that number!)

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