Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

I heard some news on the radio today that warmed my heart.

A couple here in Australia planned to have a baby using IVF but tragically, the husband was killed before they could go ahead.

The wife managed to procure some sperm from her husband after his passing. She has just now been awarded it as her rightful property. But to use it she has to travel to another Australian state (or perhaps country?), to find a clinic who will carry out the procedure for her.

If this couple had been fertile, the woman would have been pregnant when her husband was killed. I think it only right and fair that she be granted this chance to go ahead with the child they longed to have and am so pleased that her and husband (albeit posthumously) have been granted this.

What a wonderful world we live in.

You can read the story here if you are interested.


Comments on: "Widow wins right to have baby with dead husband’s sperm" (2)

  1. I agree. And, I ensure that my husband signed the forms about consent to use of sperm in the event of his death too.

    Poor woman though, what a thing to have to fight for whilst you are grieving.

    • I know – she must be very brave to have kept on going, especially with a battle that has now become so public. No doubt she is getting lots of nasty messages from holier-than-thou people questioning what she is doing (but hopefully also lots of positive messages).

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