Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

We’re heading towards a new embryo transfer. On Wednesday a scan will hopefully show that my womb lining is nice and thick and ready to receive another embryo. I’ve been building it up with daily doses of oestrogen pills so hopefully it will be ripe for the sticking.

We have six embryos left. Deciding on whether to give two a shot in one go has been playing on our minds. Do we try two and risk conceiving twins? Or do we play it slow and steady by transferring one embryo at a time?

We are missing our family and friends in New Zealand and think we would like to move there soon. But our little cache of embryos is keeping us here in Australia. Getting through them as fast as possible would release us to be able to move on with the next phase of our lives – whether as parents or not.  It is tempting to speed things up by toying with two.

But I know from experience that twins are hard work and that I would prefer to conceive one if possible. When I was nine, my Mum had my twin brother and sister (naturally conceived), taking our family of three kids to five overnight. We had so much fun as a family but it took its toll. My poor Mum says she doesn’t remember anything about the first five years of my siblings’ lives as it was all too stressful. If I can, I would prefer not to have twins.

I’ve also read up on the topic and notice that recent research leans heavily on the side of one at a time. My doctor says he would be happy to transfer a duo and thinks it would be safe but I think we’ll just go the one next time.

Anyone out there got any gems to share about their experience?

IVF more successful with one embryo transfer than two, Herald Sun, Dec 23, 2010

IVF Study: Two embryos no better than one, TIME, Mar 30, 2009

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Comments on: "Transfer one or two embryos?" (5)

  1. Not really. I have *just* had two transfered, but I wasn’t really given a choice, the embryologist wasn’t overwhelmed by the quality so decided to put two back with little more than a cursory discussion.

    My husband is petrified at the thought of twins. As a twin myself though, I am secretly hoping for two.. I may come to regret that.

  2. Always a tough decision. If you don’t want twins, have a single transfer and hope that the embryo doesn’t split at the last minute into identical twins!

    My lit research suggested that transferring two embryos increases the success of live birth by only about 6%. So, in your position I’d go with one at a time anyway.

    In NZ, there is an industry consensus to only consider transferring two embryos if you are over 38y and even then they are reluctant due to the increased risk of twins.

    Good luck with this transfer!

  3. Its a very personal decision. During my IVF experiences I have had 2 single transfers and 1 double transfer, all ending in a BFN. I am quiet happy to have twins and my husband and I have considered the risks that are associated with twins, and will continue with transferring 2 embryos until we fall pregnant. The advice that my doctor gave me was that at my age (36) is that by doing double transfers we are likely to reduce the amount of time it will take for us to fall pregnant by transferring 2 at a time than doing single transfers.
    I wish you luck with the transfer and your 2ww. I look forward to hearing some good news soon

    • Hi, thanks for that. Hopefully your strategy for two at a time will work out and you’ll get a lovely positive result soon. I’ll keep you posted on the result of my one at a time!
      Hopefully both strategies will work for us!

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