Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

Our eight-cell embryo looked like this when we saw it on the tv screen just before the transfer - described as 'beautiful, beautiful' by the embryologist - which is hopefully a good omen!

“Beautiful, beautiful embryo,” declared the embryologist as she handed our embryo to the doctor before he transferred it to me.

How nice is that? Our doctor said it was “alive and kicking” as it had divided into eight cells since it was thawed as a four-cell embryo. We saw it on the tv screen on the wall as the embryologist focussed on it before sucking it up into the skinny transfer device.

My husband and I swelled with pride and anticipation – perhaps this is a good sign? Our previous two embryos, which didn’t work, have both been four cells at the time of transfer. Maybe this one is going to be robust and strong and grow into a lovely fat little baby.

Our doc then went on to say that of course, it doesn’t matter what the embryo looks like at the time of the transfer. He said that ugly embryos can grow into beautiful babies, telling us that he had in the past transferred some dodgy looking embryos which have now resulted in beautiful looking kids.

We joshed along, wondering if our beautiful embryo could grow into an ugly kid (?!)

We would love our child whether it was ugly or beautiful – for the time though, we are taking pride in knowing we can at least produce a beautiful looking embryo!

Roll on the two week test….for now though, it’s time to take it easy, put my feet up and watch another episode of the brilliant Game of Thrones. Have you seen it?


Comments on: "Our beautiful, beautiful embryo" (10)

  1. It is a beautiful embryo!! Perfect. Best of luck, I’ve put in an order for a sprinkling of babydust your way xx

  2. It looks text book perfect. Best of luck. Do you reckon you’ll last the full 2 weeks before you test>?

    • Yes, I’ll wait the two weeks. I can’t bear to know either way before then – testing before then is like teasing plus I think I like the suspense.

      (I was one of those children who never went near their Xmas presents before Xmas as I wanted to wait until the day for the surprise. I’m the same now when playing cards – I can’t stand it if I can see someone’s hand!)

  3. That is the most unbelievable photo! Hopefully it will be the first of many, many more beautiful photographs of your embryo -> baby!

    • Hi KellyKate
      Thanks – it’s not our actual embryo but a photo I found online of what our embryo looked like on the TV screen. But our embryo looked very very similar!

      I wonder where the baby that came from that embryo is now?!

  4. The best part of IVF is you get to watch the child from this very early stage. We had so many pictures of our doctor as the embryo frew until finally holy hell there was a baby. Best of luck we have been there and will have you in our thoughts.

    • Yes, we IVFers are in a unique situation to know pretty much the exact moment of conception. At this stage it’s hard to believe that one(some) of our embryos could become an actual baby but it’s great to hear from people like you who it’s actually happened to!

  5. How wonderful to hear about your beautiful embryo! Best of luck for a peaceful two week wait, and positive result!!

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