Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

This Friday we find out if we are pregnant following our last embryo transfer.

Since then, I have had two rounds of acupuncture, been to the osteopath to get my back fixed, ditched the nightly whiskys (but not the chocolate) and have being doing my ashtanga yoga with no vinyasas (jump throughs and jump backs), and no ujjayi breath. This is because both, especially the breathing, work to heat up the body like an internal pressure cooker, which is NOT what we want for our little embryo. We don’t want to pressure cook it – instead we want it to settle into my womb lining, lie back and have a nice long sleep for while fattening up into a healthy wee baby.

I’ve been trying not to think about it, but have noticed some subtle changes to my body, just like I felt the first (and only) time I was pregnant. For instance, my left boob is a little more tender than usual and I am feeling a bit sick – a bit like I am hungover. I also have a slight feeling you get if you stop yourself weeing mid stream. Last time I had a tweaking feeling but this time it is a ‘mid stream’ feeling.

It’s no doubt way too early to be feeling any symptoms but I can’t help zoning in on them, hoping, really hoping that it has worked this time.


Comments on: "Are we there yet? On the home straight to test" (7)

  1. Great to hear you have managed to keep up the yoga during your cycle. It can be hard sometimes with all that stuff going on in your insides. Hoping that these symptoms you are experiencing are just the beginning of a new life and a baby for you. Cant wait to here your news on Friday. Im sending lots of baby dust your way. x

  2. Best of luck for Friday. I really hope at least one of us (i.e. you!) get some good news. There isn’t enough about just now.

    • Hi, thank you – fingers crossed it will be positive. Have you had your blood test yet and do you know if it’s definitely worked or not for you? I really hope it has although judging by your comment here, it may not have. If so, I am so so sorry….

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I so hope this time is your time. Fingers crossed for great news on Friday!

  4. Good luck on Friday!!! I am sending good thoughts your way and have my fingers crossed!

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