Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

Janis Joplin,  Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Michael Hutchence are forever frozen in time at the ages at which they died. Forever young.

Similarly and fantastically, the embryos made of my sister’s eggs and my husband’s sperm are frozen in time too – they will always be embryos made from two people in their mid 30s.

So, even though I am knocking 42, the little embryo inside me is seven years younger. Apparently the chances of my pregnancy continuing with embryos this youthful are around 95% – (touch lots of wood).  If the embryos were made of my eggs, it would be a different story with a much higher chance of miscarriage.

Even so, every time I go to the loo I brace myself in case I see blood but to date (apart from the first bit of spotting a few weeks ago which the doc put down to the progesterone pessaries I take) there has been nothing. I am now 7.5 weeks – still early days but further than we have ever been before.

If we are lucky enough to have this child and decide to try again for another baby at some in future with our remaining five embryos, they will still be frozen in time at around 35 years old. How brilliant is that?

I love the miracle of IVF plus of course the wonderful benevolence of my sister and brother in law who have allowed for this dream of ours to gradually be coming true.


Comments on: "Those good ol’ (young) eggs of my sister’s" (8)

  1. Modern medicine is absolutely astonishing! It is hard to wrap your head around the miracles it helps to facilitate every day!

    I was just thinking about you and your teeny baby on Saturday and am so glad to hear that everything is going well!!!

  2. It is amazing. And a great chance to give your future children a head fuck when you say they are the same age as their “older” brother or sister.

    You know, if you really want to screw with their minds …

    • I know – how crazy is that?! Plus the fact their biological mum is their aunt and their cousin is biologically their half sister – lots of opportunities to screw with their mind…

      but seriously, we’ll be telling this little one all that stuff right from the start so hopefully it will seem really normal to them. They’ll probably think it’s a mind fuck to be conceived normally ie: bio mum and dad are the ones bringing you up and your bros and sis’ are in fact your bros and sis’!

  3. Rooting for you from afar and wishing you the best of luck.

  4. This is a fantastic surprise, I was out of the loop for a while. I will look forward to hearing more about this miracle. I can’t imagine how wonderful it must feel to actually be pregnant after all this time (I’m relating to my own thoughts and feelings, of course). I will keep my hopes up for you.

    • Thank you! I still can’t really believe it – we feel very lucky. It is an amazing feeling after having had so many disappointments and believing it would never actually happen! Best of luck to you too….

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