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Wow, amniocentesis is one hard word to spell!  Although it hasn’t been too hard deciding whether to have one or not, following our 12 week ultrasound yesterday.

Maybe we’re being irresponsible and turning a blind eye, but I don’t really want to risk miscarrying the baby we have taken five years to conceive with an amniocentesis, which apparently carries a 1 in 150 chance of causing a miscarriage.

Yesterday’s ultrasound married with last week’s blood tests show we have about a 1 in 428 chance of having a baby with Down Syndrome. That’s if the results are compared with a large database in London. But if compared with a database here in Victoria, Australia, it jump ups to about 1 in 130 – that’s quite high odds.

But the Victorian database is much smaller and doesn’t include the existence of a nasal bone, which the London database does. And the scan shows this little baby has a nasal bone which is apparently of good length. In Downs babies, sometimes the nasal bone isn’t there or it is very short.

So having an amnio would put our baby at more risk (1 in 150) than the odds that it is a Downs baby (1 in 428). We therefore easily came to our decision not to have an amnio.

But you know what? If the nasal bone hadn’t been there, or the odds had been higher, I really don’t think we would have gone near an amnio. This little baby is moving and kicking in my womb, and if it is a Downs baby, then so what? We wouldn’t abort it. These days many Downs people grow up happy and healthy, to live long and fulfilling lives. A healthy happy baby, child and adult would be a wonderful thing, whether it had Downs or not.


Comments on: "To have or not to have an amniocentesis" (2)

  1. Given your decision in either senario it sounds like you made the right decision.

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