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My friend’s husband accurately imagined their kids before they were even conceived. He predicted two children – a boy and a girl – and that they would both be blond and green eyed.

I wonder how often parents predict the kids they will have? And are those who have to wait longer to have their kids (through infertility or pregnancy/birth difficulties) more likely to imagine what their children will be like because of the protracted waiting time which often involves reflection and mourning loss?

For several years we didn’t think we would ever be able to have our own children. Therefore the child I mourned in my mind’s eye was a specific child. She was a little girl who is tall and gangly with long, brown spirally hair and blue eyes.  This doesn’t look anything like me, except for the colour of my hair, but I guess there is a resemblance to my husband who is tall and lean with a bit of a wave to his hair. I wonder if this is the child I am carrying now we have finally managed to fall pregnant? I would love to know – I guess I will find out in a few months if it is a girl (when she is born in February), and then in a few years will be able to tell if she is going to long and lean like her dad.

Has anyone out there had visions of what their babies would be like? And have any of these visions come true?


Comments on: "Can you have a vision of your child before it is born?" (3)

  1. I quite often think I might be psychic because I have really clear visions. Not necessarily of people but also events.

    So far not one has come true.

    • I’m not sure what your visions are, but I know from reading your blog that one of your dreams is to fall pregnant and have a baby(s) – I so hope that will happen one day soon x

  2. I’ve had mental images/dreams.
    but, it feels so real though. There’s two of them- a girl & a boy.
    a girl with long curly alburn hair, with brown eyes.
    and a boy with curly hair, with blue eyes.

    it’s heart-shattering that i can’t have them, (Too young, i guess.)

    well, maybe your not the only one.

    and congratulations on the baby girl. ❤ xx

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