Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

I heard something this week that made my blood boil; apparently people in Australia (I’m not sure which states) who try to adopt aren’t allowed to undergo IVF at the same time.

How ridiculous! This makes the already difficult journey of trying for a child even more fraught.

I don’t know what it’s like in other countries, but in Australia the average couple can expect to wait up to four years to adopt. If you are already in your late 30s when you begin trying, you also risk getting too old to adopt while waiting (I’ve heard that younger couples are favoured over more mature couples).

Why not in the meantime, try IVF too? This option also has a use by date too as every year that ticks past means your eggs get older and IVF is less viable.

Trying both at the same time makes sense to me – that way you are spreading your risk so that if one doesn’t work then the other hopefully will, and soon. Or perhaps you hit the jackpot and have a child via both avenues.

Can anyone confirm if this is true or not, and if so, what states it applies to?  No doubt it was passed by the same cretins who passed the law in 2009 requiring couples undergoing IVF treatment to prove they are not pedofiles first.


Comments on: "IVF vs Adopt: Cutting down the choice of infertiles even more" (3)

  1. Hi Lazza,
    I have only just discovered your wonderful blog after trawling the internet looking for an Australian perspective on doing an ED cycle with a sister, and there you were! My sister and I are just about to embark on our own ‘science experiment’ next month and some of the coincidences in your story and mine have left me gasping. My sister is 34 and her DS is just about to turn 1, your husband and mine have the same name and while we have come to the ED journey for different reasons (mine is recurrent miscarriage both natural and IVF), I have really related to a lot of the experiences you describe. I have laughed and cried reading your blog and have gleaned some invalueable ideas such as the mizuko kuyo ceremony. (I have long been looking for a meaningful way to help me to put our angel babies to rest). I sincerely hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful (I think the universe really need to cut you a break!) and I look forward to following your journey to your much wanted bundle landing safely in your arms!
    Speranza xx

  2. Dear Speranza

    I’m so glad you enjoyed reading my blog – and how weird that so many of our experiences match!

    Part of the reason for writing this blog is to help others on similar journeys as there’s not many of us who go the donor route (compared with those who are able to use their own eggs and get pregnant either naturally or via IVF.) so I’m really glad if has resonated with you even a little bit.

    I am so excited to hear you are about to start your own science experiment. Are you writing a blog about it or is there any other way I can track your journey and hear your news?

    If you are interested, there is a forum called Egg Donation Australia, which you could go on and meet others in a similar boat (including me) as well as share your story

    Best of luck xx

    • Thanks for the suggestion for Egg Donation Australia, I will definitely look into it as have been looking for somewhere to ‘belong’ while going throught the next stage of my journey and standard IVF forums no longer feel like quite the right place 🙂 Not sure if I’m up for blogging myself but I look forward to continuing to follow yours and massive congrats for making to the 20 week mark!!!

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