Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

Like the clouds from this spray can, my pregnancy is completely manufacturered and quite magical

The only thing unmanufactured about my pregnancy is my pregnancy itself, which explains in part why I am expecting to have a cesarean delivery.

The conception of our baby was entirely aided by synthetic hormones and IVF. I took oestrogen to thicken up my womb in readiness for the wee embryo I received in June, while my sister took drugs to stimulate her ovaries and release her eggs to donate to me. During the conception period, I filled myself with progesterone pessaries to create a welcoming environment for the embryo to settle into, and hey presto, after lots of manufacturing and unnaturalness, we have a pregnancy!

The pregnancy itself is chugging along nicely without any drugs – my placenta has now taken over that role. So that is natural and normal.

I love that something so fantastic can come out of something so manufactured – it makes me feel very borg-like and connected to the future. I am eternally grateful to have the science available to us to be able to create life within us – to me it is a real crossover between science and magic.

So why not continue the artificiality with a cesarean – it only seems natural (!).

My obstetrician brought up the subject of delivery on our last visit, saying that given this could be our only baby, we should consider a cesarean to avoid any potential birthing complications. And having watched several knuckle-biting episodes of One Born Every Minute, I’m very happy to accede to his recommendation!


Comments on: "An unnnatural conception – and delivery" (4)

  1. What an amazing story! All the very best to you and your growing family.

  2. Just based on this one post, your story sounds very similar to mine. In my case, failed IVF attempts, male and female infertility problems, early menopause, donor eggs from sister…and finally pregnant. (At 42, in my case). So I was really interested to read your thoughts on having a cesarean. My obstetrician has recommended one too and I similarly think – this pregnancy has been medicalised from the start. My primary concern for my baby and I is survival – not a natural or empowering birth experience of some kind. (Yes, I have read and been told that giving birth naturally is empowering. I’ve also been told it’s traumatic). Plus…I figure I’m paying for one of the best obstetricians in my area. One who also does IVF and understands what my body has been through and is or is not likely to be able to accomplish with pregnancy/labour. I’d be foolish not to take his advice. Best of luck to you.

    I was interested in your latest post too, because I am hoping that I will treasure the experience of having a child. I also hope that I’ve developed enough patience throughout the 9 years of trying to have one to see me through the daily difficulties with some amount of good humour. – (just mentioned because this will automatically link to my craft blog)

    • Hi Cat

      Wow – we have almost the same story – we’re even the same age! Although I haven’t been on this journey for nine years like you – just five (but that’s still long enough!)

      Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and getting in touch – it’s hard to find others with a similar story, especially in Australia, so I am going to follow your story from now.

      I hope all continues to go well with you x

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