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Our dog Daisy, in the sea with my husband on her first swim, during which she kept me rejoining me on the bank to protect me from any other dogs or people.

My mother in law told me recently that when she was pregnant with my husband, her dog used to act differently: “He used to come and lay his head on my lap, just looking at me.”

I hadn’t thought that our dog Daisy was treating me any differently until yesterday, when we took Daisy for her first swim at the beach.

Ross waded into the water and kept enticing her to go out to him. But she would only stay out a little while before she’d come back to me.

She did this eight or nine times and we thought she was just being fussy and not wanting to get wet.

But after a while, we realised that it was because she was coming out to protect me whenever another dog or person came near me.

After I waded in the water, she was very happy to go out deeper and happily paddled around us.

How cool is that? Has anyone else felt protected by their pets while they’ve been pregnant?


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  1. Since Blogger doesn’t give me a way to respond to comments on my post, I’m responding here. 🙂

    Yes, 12 is great. It’s just hard to see the falloff from 30, knowing there are more bridges to cross…

    We’re transferring one at a time – we have a partial DQ Alpha match, and each embryo has a 50% of matching, meaning my immune system will try hard to get rid of it. So it’s safer to transfer one – non-matching embryos will be fine, and matching ones won’t ruin the environment for non-matching ones. It’s not a 0% chance with the matching ones, but we’ll have to continue doing Intralipid infusions to keep my system calm.

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