Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

“Right, now the boys are gone, let’s talk about having babies!” said my workmate at the end of a work Christmas dinner after the men had left.

There were just three of us left at the table, all in our late 30s and early 40s, with me being the only one pregnant.

I had earlier said to another dinner guest that I was 42. One of the remaining women, called Faith, overheard and said she was pleased to hear I was 42 and pregnant, as she was 41 and was hoping to try for a baby soon.

Faith said that she and her husband are going to try to conceive in the New Year. She has already had her tests which show she has great egg reserve and quality.

I told Faith and Zoe the story about how we conceived our baby. They were both so interested to hear it and got quite emotional about the sweetness of it.

I said I was pleased to hear that Faith’s eggs sounded so viable, as this is half the battle for women trying to conceive in their 40s.  And I would not be surprised if she conceives quickly as Faith is very voluptuous and sexy and looks like someone who is going to fall pregnant easily. The other woman at the table, Zoe, said that her dog gets very ‘excited’ every time he is around Faith and that Faith is the only person who has ever had that effect on him! I’m not sure that that this is something that Faith is very proud of but surely it is some kind of proof that she has all the right hormones buzzing around in her body, creating all the right smells!

Some readers will take umbrage at the above assertion, but I do believe that some women just look like they are going to have babies easily because of their roundness, and I’m going to back this up by the somewhat dubious fact that I read somewhere that women with high levels of oestrogen tend to be more voluptuous and fertile.

Whatever the case, Faith looks like she is going to conceive easily and most interestingly, she believes that she will. She said she has always known she would have babies easily.  I found this fascinating to hear, as I have never just believed that I would fall pregnant easily. I remember when I was 12 and had just begun menstruating, thinking that I may not be able to get pregnant easily. Goodness knows why as I had regular periods and was hale, healthy and hearty in every other way. But I just knew in my heart that I may have problems – I never just assumed I would make babies easily.

My husband says he is the same; he somehow knew he may have problems (which he did- he has low sperm count).

So I wonder if people who are infertile, know instinctively that they are? I would love to hear from other infertiles about this.

And I will let you know if Faith conceives quickly in the New Year or not!


Comments on: "Have you always known you’re infertile?" (2)

  1. No, I never thought it would be hard to get pregnant. It was shocking when the first RE we went to ran an FSH test and it came back high (extra high we think because of some chinese herbs I was on) and she told us we wouldn’t be able to have kids and that IVF was our only chance (awesome bedside manner, as you can tell).

    Thanks for the award – I’ll do my blog post on it soon!

    • Yes – that sounds like a crap bedside manner! Cripes, your FSH must have been really high for your doctor to make that decision so quickly without any further investigation. Usually if it’s on the high side docs like to monitor it a bit as it can go up and down. I’ve known other women with high FSH levels to conceive with IVF. Unhappily it didn’t happen that way for me. When I saw my RE she said that as my levels were over 100, there was absolutely no hope for me. Were your levels that high or over that??

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