Blog about having premature ovarian failure and trying donor IVF with my sister's eggs

Having no eggs with which to conceive a child made me doubt my body and ability to carry a baby (I thought that perhaps I’m not meant to have a baby if my eggs are used up?) – but this pregnancy has changed all that.

My pregnancy has been fabulous with no afflictions (yet). My skin has been clear, my back straight and strong, my abdominal muscles elastic and still holding up without the need for support pants, the skin on my belly is stretch-mark-free and I have no varicose veins.

Even being long in the tooth for a first time mother (I’m 42) has not caused me to crumble under the physical strain of pregnancy.

The only complication is that my baby is lying sideways and showing no inclination to move its head down like all good, compliant babies should (!) but as I’m having a c-section, it doesn’t matter.

This makes me feel a little smug when I hear about much younger and more fertile women struggling with pregnancy aches and pains. I know – it sounds like a bad case of schadenfreude but I’m so pleased that FINALLY,  I can do something well in the reproductive area!

But it’s also good news for all those other infertiles out there who may have the same worries about pregnancy, should they conceive. Just because you may not have good eggs, or for whatever other reason may find trouble conceiving – it doesn’t mean you’ll have a troubled pregnancy – isn’t that great news?


Comments on: "Rubbish at conceiving but great at pregnancy – dispelling my concerns" (8)

  1. Your very soul was made for carrying a child darling, you nurture and love those around you without question.

  2. I too have POF. I had a couple of health concerns before I got preggers (using donor eggs as well)…and have also been pretty blessed with not having some of the major problems a lot of younger mothers have had with their pregnancies. I have a friend who is 23ish and had tons of problems with her pregnancy and I do feel kind of smug knowing that I’m almost 37 and not having to be on bed rest for any time during my pregnancy…schadenfreude indeed!!

    • Hi thanks for getting in touch – I’ve just found your blog which I’m going to have a read of over the next few days. It’s great to hear you are also having a fab pregnancy – isn’t it a nice reward after the pain of trying to conceive?

  3. If I ever get pregnant I really hope that I get the easier side of pregnancy. i deserve it!

    • Oh my god, you most certainly do. I think you of all people deserve a pregnancy in which you blossom like no-one ever has before and in which you develop some kind of super powers that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life!

  4. Your story has raised my spirits. We are still trying and determined to succeed against all odds as we embark on plans to find a donor egg following our latest unsuccessful attempt at IVF… Best of luck to you and your new bub…what a special sister you have! And thanks for you blog – it gives me hope to carry on trying

    • Hi Cindy

      Good to hear from you – don’t give up yet as your donor could be right around the corner.

      Whereabouts are you? In Australia there is a forum called Egg Donation Australia which hooks up donors with recipients. Would you be interested in joining and sharing your story? You may well meet your donor there…

      If not, is there any way I can follow your story? I would love to be able to offer support if poss and if you want it.

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