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Are we there yet? On the home straight to test

This Friday we find out if we are pregnant following our last embryo transfer.

Since then, I have had two rounds of acupuncture, been to the osteopath to get my back fixed, ditched the nightly whiskys (but not the chocolate) and have being doing my ashtanga yoga with no vinyasas (jump throughs and jump backs), and no ujjayi breath. This is because both, especially the breathing, work to heat up the body like an internal pressure cooker, which is NOT what we want for our little embryo. We don’t want to pressure cook it – instead we want it to settle into my womb lining, lie back and have a nice long sleep for while fattening up into a healthy wee baby.

I’ve been trying not to think about it, but have noticed some subtle changes to my body, just like I felt the first (and only) time I was pregnant. For instance, my left boob is a little more tender than usual and I am feeling a bit sick – a bit like I am hungover. I also have a slight feeling you get if you stop yourself weeing mid stream. Last time I had a tweaking feeling but this time it is a ‘mid stream’ feeling.

It’s no doubt way too early to be feeling any symptoms but I can’t help zoning in on them, hoping, really hoping that it has worked this time.


Yes to needles; no to yoga

Apparently acupuncture can help you get pregnant following an embryo transfer although the benefits of yoga are less certain – some people think it should be avoided.

For someone my age, with an embryo which is the age of my sister (six years younger) and my husband (eight years younger), my chance of conceiving with each¬† transfer is around 30%. But if I get acupuncture it rises to around 50%. With odds like that, I’m definitely in for some needles.

I usually get acupuncture about once a month to keep me healthy. But last week I had needles on the day of my transfer as well as a few days later on Thursday. I’m going again this Wednesday.

I also usually practice ashtanga yoga three to four times a week but have stopped it following my transfer. I have decided this as yoga is seen by some as a danger to growing embryos and something to be avoided in the first trimester. This is because (particularly with ashtanga), the practice increases heat in the body – a bit like a sauna –¬† which can be detrimental to early pregnancy. Also, moves involving twists can also be harmful.

It’s hard to know what to do, especially as there are no studies on this out there. My yoga teachers say they will support me regardless of whether I choose to continue or temporarily suspend my practice. Does anyone have any info/advice on this subject they could volunteer?