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That was then; this is now

My acupuncturist and chinese doctor said to me today that if you compared a 25 year old now to one of a few generations ago, his/her egg or sperm count would be much lower. He says there are many things contributing to the decline, most notably chemicals. Some of these chemicals are heightened levels of antibiotics and contraceptives peed out by humans which eventually discharge into our oceans and affect phytoplankton and eventually our food chain. Others are chemicals we directly ingest through everyday living.

He also said there is a theory that we have reached a point of overpopulation, and in the absence of many diseases, infertility is a way for the human race to keep growth in check.

It will be interesting to see what the state of play is in another two generations’ time when my baby niece is 25.  And what options she will have if she wants to try for children. If she hasn’t met Mr or Mrs Right by her late 20s; will she put some eggs on ice? Or will she go ahead and have a baby with someone she isn’t in love with?

Hopefully she will have many many options.

In the meantime, my sister and I had our scans this morning and things are looking promising. My womb lining is fattening up nicely and she has 11 follicles which appear to be maturing. How satisfying is that, given that when I tried to coax my ovaries into producing eggs, they yielded nothing?

We are so pleased. Now we have to continue with the drugs (Gonal F for sis and oestradial for me) to keep things going. Plus my sis is taking something to prevent her from ovulating – I think it’s called orgalutran.

We have another scan booked for Thursday which will reveal if everything is progressing – if it is; egg pick up could be this Saturday and transfer of any resulting embryos once mixed with my husband’s sperm could be Monday.