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Making love not babies

love-heart-in-palmMy gorgeous cousin, who I count as a sister, is pregnant with her first child.  I am so happy for her as she desperately wants children and first attempts at making babies didn’t work out. But with a little surgery and a lot of hard work, she and her husband finally fell pregnant.

The surgery was keyhole – to clean out her insides which were clogged up with endometriosis. That was (relatively) easy but the rest was plain old hard work.

By hard work I mean having sex every day for five months.  I feel exhausted just thinking about it!  She admits it became like another ablutionary-type job, akin to brushing your teeth, washing your hair, going to the loo etc.

She is now almost five months pregnant, her belly and her motherly aura swelling with pride and happy expectation.

My husband Ross and I know we will never get pregnant like that – I have no eggs left and his sperm swim around in lazy circles, lapping up the atmosphere but not putting in any actual laps.

While that’s a huge bummer, it is good to be off the  roller coaster of trying to get pregnant every month and then being devastated that we are not.

And even better, when we get jiggy with it, we are properly loved up and in the mood for it – not having to force it so that any romance is rinsed out with the toothpaste.

But I admit that if that’s what it took to get pregnant we would be on that five month marathon of jigginess in a flash!