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Transfer one or two embryos?

We’re heading towards a new embryo transfer. On Wednesday a scan will hopefully show that my womb lining is nice and thick and ready to receive another embryo. I’ve been building it up with daily doses of oestrogen pills so hopefully it will be ripe for the sticking.

We have six embryos left. Deciding on whether to give two a shot in one go has been playing on our minds. Do we try two and risk conceiving twins? Or do we play it slow and steady by transferring one embryo at a time?

We are missing our family and friends in New Zealand and think we would like to move there soon. But our little cache of embryos is keeping us here in Australia. Getting through them as fast as possible would release us to be able to move on with the next phase of our lives – whether as parents or not.  It is tempting to speed things up by toying with two.

But I know from experience that twins are hard work and that I would prefer to conceive one if possible. When I was nine, my Mum had my twin brother and sister (naturally conceived), taking our family of three kids to five overnight. We had so much fun as a family but it took its toll. My poor Mum says she doesn’t remember anything about the first five years of my siblings’ lives as it was all too stressful. If I can, I would prefer not to have twins.

I’ve also read up on the topic and notice that recent research leans heavily on the side of one at a time. My doctor says he would be happy to transfer a duo and thinks it would be safe but I think we’ll just go the one next time.

Anyone out there got any gems to share about their experience?

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Happy families

Our families are made up every which way these days. There are Brady-Bunch type combinations, single parent, gay parent, transgender parent etc. Kids are fostered, adopted, conceived out of wedlock, in wedlock, out of love, with IVF, with donor sperm and eggs (plus myriad other ways I’ve no doubt missed).

Nicole and Keith have copped it for referring to their surrogate as a gestational carrier and Elton and David have copped it because they are older and gay. Octomum copped it because she managed to have eight babies and seems to be making a living out of it (how come she doesn’t seem to have a job but still manages to afford plastic surgery? plus I can’t believe she has got her figure back after having EIGHT babies but maybe the tummy tuck helped!).

Anyway, onto more interesting stuff. I read a great article today by someone who talks about this plus talks about her and her husband’s experience donating their eggs and sperm – link is below.

The politics of making babies, by Sarah McKenzie, 29 Mar 2011,

Sister and Easter eggs – got a spare half doz?

eastereggsWhat’s the first word that pops into your head when you hear the word ‘Easter’?  ‘Egg’ is probably one of the first.

Eggs are everywhere at this time of the year, with connotations of chocolate, new beginnings and if you’re religious, Jesus’ resurrection.

In Indonesia, eggs to eat are apparently quite hard to come by as most people let them hatch into little chicks to eat.

Eggs are so cool – they grow into little things once fertilised, whether they be frogs, chicks or human babies.

My eggs have had their day and so I no longer have any left to fertilise.  But luckily we live in an age where I can use another woman’s instead. This is so 21st century, don’t you think?

It doesn’t matter to me whose egg I use as the resulting embryo will be mine and my husbands.

I would have loved to have had one of my sisters’ eggs but have had no offers. I have therefore decided to send them cards inviting them to offer but explaining that no offense will be taken if they don’t wish to do so. This is in a bid to banish the aforementioned (earlier blog) elephant in the room.

Doing this will put this little issue to bed while avoiding over egging the issue (pardon the pun) – Easter is the perfect time I think to do this – new beginnings and all that.