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Those happy pills – HRT

yellow pills with happy faces coming out of red containerOne of my dearest friends is responsibly hitched with two beautiful little girls.  But she used to be a wild child and always made me laugh with her impetuous hedonism. She would put half a gram of coke up her nose and drink a bottle of tequila on a work night but the next morning would refuse aspirin for her headache.

I admired her will power but I was and still am the other way – happy to pop pills when the occasion demands.  Usually it is paracetamol for a headache although in the past it was sometimes the harder stuff for fun.

It’s just as well I’ve never shrunk from drug taking as I’m now a daily long-term user of HRT.

But I don’t mind the commitment; I’m very grateful for those little babies.  They have helped me sleep through the night again, drastically reduced my anxiety, fixed my wobbly moods and most importantly, are reversing the early stages of osteoporosis which showed up in x-rays last year.

They are replacing the oestrogen which my now defunct ovaries fail to produce due to my premature ovarian failure.

HRT has received bad press in the past with claims of increased breast cancer in users but what’s a girl to do?  Suffer from crumbling bones at the ripe young age of 40 or run the hazy risk of breast cancer?

Both sound pretty hideous but my vote is for the pills which make me feel human, vital and confident again, after being deprived for some many years of the vital hormone which most women take for granted until their menopause.