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Childbirth – a pain in the bum

One of my workmates says her sister in law won’t have children as she’s too scared to go through the pain of labour.  I don’t blame her really, especially when I hear all the horrible stories of blood, guts and poo from my friends and family who have already gone over the to other side ie: gone through labour.

But I am beginning to ask seriously – why is it that we are expected to go through all this pain, when for any other procedure in which pain is expected, pain killers are made available?

I have had a several operations over the years, including bilateral bunion surgery, laser eye surgery and two incised bartholin’s cysts (not fun and very painful). I have also had all my wisdom teeth and four molars out (thank god we live in the era of orthodontics as without it I would have had a serious mouthful of fangs).  For all procedures, I have been knocked out under a general anaesthetic with lovely analgesics to ease me through the first few painful days afterwards.

So why are we still expected to suffer the purported agony of childbirth?

Does it tie back to the bible in some way? Or is it linked to some kind of misogyny?

Or is it that women themselves want to experience that pain and wear it as a badge of honour? Listening to some women comparing notes about labour is fascinating – it is like they are posturing and jostling for the position of the woman who had the worst/longest/most dangerous/most painful experience – why??

Does anyone have the answer to this?  Why don’t we all just have epidurals or spinal blocks right at the start of labour, or cesareans, so we don’t have to experience apparently excruciating pain? Would this be so humiliating if it meant avoiding what is sometimes days of painful labour resulting in painful, stitched-up derrieres, blood loss and exhaustion?


Yes to yoga, no matter what

My back has painfully seized after I stopped doing yoga following my last embryo transfer, making moves like this out of the question (not that this particular move was ever in the question for me!)

So I had my first yoga class in three weeks yesterday and spent the rest of the day in pain. I will therefore never stop yoga again, no matter what I read about it being potentially risky for the success of an embryo transfer.

My back has literally seized up. I can hardly bend over and the pain makes me feel sick. I’ve been in pain now for almost a fortnight. But my yoga teacher and my osteopath tell me I ‘must get things moving again’ so I obliged in yesterday’s class by creaking my way slowly through the asanas.

Afterwards I went to lunch a friend and spent the whole time writhing around on my seat trying to keep my back as mobile and comfortable as possible. To outsiders I must have looked like I was either coming onto her or being very overexcitable and animated – luckily she knew better.

Driving home was painful – I had to breathe through the discomfort. Half way, I stopped at a chemist to buy some voltaren and panadeine, both of which I spit swallowed (yummy!) as I was desperate for instant relief. My lovely husband was waiting with a hot water bottle and some tiger balm when I got home, after which I fell into a stupor when the pain finally eased.

Today it’s a little better. I am moving it as much as possible and will do some more yoga.

I never want a repeat of this so will continue with my yoga through future embryo transfers, as I think my health and well being must be optimal if I am to carry a baby to full term, should I ever fall pregnant again. I will just make sure that my practice is much slower and more gentle and will take some tips from ‘Hoping for Rainbows’ who commented on one of my previous posts.