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Things to do with placentas

Ever eaten pate made from someone else’s placenta? I haven’t, but my sister and brother in law did unwittingly when their friends served it up to them over dinner once. Yuck yuck yuck!!!

Placentas come in handy in other ways too – mostly notably that they house and nurture a baby during pregnancy (no kidding Einstein!). I’ve also heard of people planting trees over them in their gardens etc.

I’ve also recently found out that another fantastic use for placentas is as a temporary replacement for HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

Apparently your placenta begins to produce oestrogen at around 10 weeks’ pregnancy, meaning the ovaries sit back and take a break for a while (until you stop breastfeeding after you’ve had your baby). I guess they stop producing any eggs to stop any new babies being made while you’re pregnant.

The very cool thing for people whose ovaries have stopped working (like me) is that we don’t have to take HRT during pregnancy as we have oestrogen swimming around in our bodies, care of our placentas.

I am delighted! I love that my body can magically do this. I wonder if there will ever be a way to harness our placentas in this way when we aren’t pregnant, so we don’t have to take HRT?


The elephant in the room

I love the termpink elephant in a room ‘the elephant in the room’.  It is used  a lot by politicians – I first heard it when I moved to Australia two years ago.

There’s a big elephant in the room whenever I talk to my sisters about my husband Ross and my efforts to have a baby.

I have premature ovarian failure which means my stash of eggs has run out early. If I am ever to carry and give birth to our own baby, we’ll have to use another woman’s egg .

My three sisters haven’t offered themselves up as egg donors even though I keep them updated with our progress down this road which includes visits to IVF doctors, counselling sessions and applying for police checks to prove we aren’t pedophiles (I kid you not but that’s a topic for a future blog).

I oscillate between accepting my sisters’ silence and understanding I have no right to expect this of them, while on other days I feel desperately upset they haven’t offered.

On the other hand I have three gorgeous friends who have proffered their ovums.  Their generosity stuns me.

But back to the elephant; my sisters’ silence remains. What should I do?  Ask them straight out and embarrass them into saying yay or nay? Ask my Mum to broker the topic with them?  Ignore it and risk my anger and upset growing to explosive magnitude?  It all sounds pretty hideous but a way will become clear soon.

Then hopefully that big, red elephant will leave the room and go back from whence it came.