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Dream catching

I have been remembering many of my¬† dreams lately, which have been allegory-like, including last night’s.

I was standing on an underground train platform in London with my husband but it was separate from the rest of the platform. The tubes kept going by and some people would come to our platform and then just swing around the corner, above a deep drop to the railway tracks. It looked very precarious and dangerous but it was working out for them as that was where the trains were stopping.

Meanwhile we were stranded on our platform – looking at others catching the train but not getting it ourselves. Then my dream finished so I don’t know if we would have made it to the other platform.

This is how we have felt over the past five years as we have watched so many of our friends and family get pregnant.

Now, I could be pregnant following my embryo transfer two days ago.

It was such a unique experience having the transfer. Our doctor said it is a bit like having a pap smear. She used a clear plastic penis shaped thing and ratchetted it open before passing in a very thin, long tube up through my cervix into my womb. I had had some panadeine so it was painless.

On the wall was a screen which brought a little four-cell thing into focus – which was our embryo! Then on screen we saw it being sucked up by the lab assistant before it was handed to the doctor to pass up the tube into me. And that was that – all over

Since then I have been looking out for tiny clues to see if I could be pregnant. Having never experienced this I’m not sure how my body will behave. So far, I have been uncharacteristically tired and also constipated (sorry for the detail) but this could be the 6 mg of oestradial and 2 progesterone pessaries I am taking daily.

How soon do the symptoms start after a successful embryo transfer? Can anyone share this with me?

In the meantime, my sister continues to have no adverse reaction to the drugs she took to produce the eggs, or from the anaesthetic she had during the procedure – I’m so pleased.