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I’ve been waking up early this week. This morning I placed my hands on my lower abdomen and imagined my womb lining thickening up, and what it would be like to actually be pregnant. This is something I have never experienced so even this would be amazing.

Tomorrow my sister and I have our first scans. We are both quite excited to see what hers will show. Will there be two ripening follicles, five, 12 or 21 – or none?

We dropped her fiance off at the airport this afternoon to fly back to New Zealand. I felt so guilty to be separating them for over two weeks. This is the most time they have been apart since meeting just over five years ago. It is especially hard now they have a daughter and I felt so sad seeing him say goodbye to her. I hope she doesn’t start crawling whilst here or passing any other momentous milestones as it would be such a shame for him to miss that. How on earth do families with one person travelling a lot for work manage?

We are now all home again and settling down to normal life. My brother-in-law’s departure signals the end of the holiday and highlights the fact that my sister is here to help us get pregnant.