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Tomorrow we find out if I’m pregnant

My tummy is a little pudding-like (long gone are the days of a washboard stomach). Even though I do yoga and eat healthily, I’m a glutton when it comes to chocolate and every night I have a fix of at least two lines of the stuff which I’m sure helps give my tum its rounded shape.

So if my tummy was a pudding; the proof will certainly be in it tomorrow, when we find out if we are pregnant or not.

This time around I’ve felt different to the last time I had a successful transfer. Last time I felt tiny aching tugs of activity, a little like just before you get your period. This time I haven’t had any of that. Instead I’ve been more irritable than usual and I’ve got such a sore back. I literally cannot bend over to put my shoes on!  It is so sore!

Maybe it’s because I haven’t done yoga for two weeks and I’m stiffening up like an ironing board.

….or could it be a symptom that I am pregnant?